Work Environment Security

  • Hire and train security officers
  • Security management supervision (includes supervision over in-house and/or contracted security)
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Access control

Our Facility Security Services are customized to our clients’ needs and budget. We can provide a full-service plan which includes writing an Emergency Preparedness plan, posting a security officer to protect employees and guests, overall security and safety supervision, and monthly reports. If a facility or organization already has its own security team, ISA can provide supervision, training, and/or consulting. All work is done within budgetary consideration.

Event Security

  • Security officers
  • Security management supervision
  • Access control

With over three decades of experience in event security, ISA ensures your event will go on without any distraction. Working with some of the largest fundraising and event organizations in the country, we provide all-encompassing, 360-degree security, starting from an initial review and site visit, risk assessment, writing a thorough security and emergency plan, posting an armed security officer, providing access  control devices, immediately handling event crashers and/or other disturbances, and making sure that employees and guests are comfortable and safe, and also feel comfortable and safe.

Security Consulting and Management

We understand the importance of providing a safe working environment, and we know that for many companies and organizations, security is a concern of budget. ISA offers customized security plans that provide a number of options, as well as the ability to be flexible based on the needs and budget of each client.

Security Engineering

Whether you are building a new facility, renovating an existing one, or moving to another location, we will make sure that you secure it right. We will conduct a full assessment of the potential threats and implement architectural elements, electronic systems, and materials to enhance the safety of the facility. We will work directly with your architect and builder to implement the security elements to safeguard your work environment and employees.

Executive (Dignitary) Protection (EP)

Executive Protection is the use of physical and technical security measures to protect the life of a dignitary and his/her family. The focus of Executive Protection is the proactive and preventive measures that we take, so that no security incident ever occurs. One of ISA’s executives is a former graduate of the Israel Security Agency and Dignitary Protection Unit with international experience in Dignitary Protection of government officials and the diplomatic sector.